Fire Resistant

ilicon supplies, manufactures and installs fire-rated glazed doors and fire-rated glazed partitions of all fire resistance classes according to EN 13501-2.

The fire-resistant constructions concerning external openable doorsets and external openable windows designed and marketed by ilicon are accompanied by a written Declaration of Performance and bear CE Marking in accordance with the EN 16034: 2014 Product Standard.


Fire-resistant glazed doors and partitions are certificated as a system after test according to EN 1363. Fire-resistant glazed doors are made of steel or aluminium, depending on the design. Glazing is fire resistant of a corresponding fire resistance class, tested as a system together with the frame. The thickness and configuration of the glazing depend on the fire resistance class and the position of the window.

Below you can see the selected files:

Below you can see the selected files:

Aluminum Fire Resistant systems


Based on the passive fire protection of a building, ilicon designs and specifies the appropriate solution for fire-resistant glazed doors, windows and fixed partitions.

According to EN 13501-2, fire resistance classes are:


Class EI (Integrity & Insulation)

Thanks to major heat conduction and heat barrier qualities protecting preople in the vicinity of the device. The fire does not reach the non-fire side.

Class EW (Integrity & Radiation Reduction)

The measured heat radiation on the non-fire side remains under a specific value for a certain period of time.

Class E (Integrity)

The fire does not reach the non-fire side via flames passage or substantial amounts of hot gases.
Fire resistant glazed doors and partitions also meet the requirements for thermal insulation, sound insuation and increased security against attack and even bullets.

Fire Resistant – Projects: