The warm edge spacer bar, made of stainless steel co-extruded with polypropylene and designed in co-operation with TGI, is able to further enhance the benefits of ScreenLine® systems in terms of energy saving, whilst ensuring a perfect hermetic seal:

  • it improves the thermal insulation of the profile due to its low thermal conductivity 
  • it ensures a low Psi value (halving heat transmission through the perimeter compared to a standard aluminium spacer bar) 
  • it allows a better Thermal transmittance value of the window, irrespective of the material used for the frame

warm edge


V95 is the new slat developed by Pellini SpA for ScreenLine® integrated venetian blinds. The product is the result of co-operation with major European research institutes on nanotechnology, which is aimed at developing a slat that might allow the application of integrated blinds on structural façades without any concern for glass overheating.

The slat is coated with an interference filter that is designed to reflect the most critical solar radiation; the coating also results in low emissivity slat, thus affecting the long wave infra-red radiation characteristics.

The benefits deriving from use of such product are the decrease in glass temperature and g value (lower than 10%) and the considerable reduction of Ug value compared to a standard DGU, as certified by a primary German independent institute.

new low


The new range of ScreenLine® motorised systems using Pellini’s internal brushless motor has been launched on the market. These systems, called “MB”, replace “M” systems venetian, pleated and pleated black-out in 27 and 32-mm cavities and, from the end of January 2014, in 20 and 22 mm cavities.

Some features of the new systems: 

  • new high performance gears
  • corner key with integrated connectors 
  • accuracy of slat orientation and perfect blind synchronization
  • low noise level 
  • larger feasibility charts for narrow blinds
  • new software that may be updated from PC and connected for diagnostic purposes 
  • two control options: 2-wire (standard) or 3-wire (bidirectional control, with possibility of feedback on the blind position, sun tracking, etc.) 
  • Compatible with the current and previous various SL27-32M motorised versions (e.g. 7.02, 6.01, etc.) 
  • the brushless technology has allowed ScreenLine systems to pass over 60,000 full cycles in the endurance test at IFT Rosenheim.

Screenline Video


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