After 17 years of engagement in the fields of facade engineering, thermal insulation and  multifunction of facades, the important field of security and protection and finally the passive fire protection  field ,we decided to found a new company, ili-Con.

Main subject of our activities is construction material  distribution,  representing exclusively  in our country three significant  European companies which operate globally:

    Forster Profiles (AFG Group)- Fire resistant doors and screenings, Bullet resistant, Burglar Proofing-Switzerland

       Pellini-ScreenLine –Integrated blind systems  –Italy

       Sky-frameΗigh -tech frameless window – Switzerland

Their common property : products of high quality, aesthetics and certified function.

Furthermore, we provide technical consultancy on issues of:

      Architectural glass certifications according CPR for tempered, laminated, heat soaked process

    Safety and security doors, and escape roots exits certifications

    Certified solutions for fire protection doors and partitions

     Thermal insulation design and  modeling .

Nevertheless, we believe that we are not just one more company in the field of building materials.

Properties that differentiate us:


  • cooperation with the  leaders of European market
  •        study and design of the most complicated and demanded projects
  •        specialized knowledge and many years of experience
  •        effort to satisfy the needs of our customers
  •        ability to offer altenative solutions for realizing complex projects
  •        reliabilityof our cooperation
  •        quick, direct and professional service

The features mentioned above guarantee an integrated, specialized and professional cooperation that justifies the choice of ili-Con for  realizing the plans our customers  and satisfying their needs.

sceenline pelini skyframe forster

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